1. Why Investopad

Investopad Makes Business Happen

We are backed by tech companies and investment firms to develop the next generation of Indian technology startups. 

Our advisers are a mix of investors, founders of late-stage startups and

senior executives at global tech companies.

We help high-potential founders access capital, connections and expertise in order to build and scale their startups to success.

2. We Create Outcomes

Closing Opportunities

Advancing conversations with a crucial investor; closing a big customer; finding the perfect candidate; navigating a career path; or just talking to people who have been in your boots before: The right conversation at the right time can make all the difference.


3. Investor Relationships

Finding the Best Fit

In this massive investor landscape, we cut through the noise to only introduce investors that have a genuine interest and can add value as investors.

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Investopad | Making business happen