We Create Outcomes

Advancing conversations with a crucial investor; closing a big customer; finding the perfect candidate; navigating a career path; or just talking to people who have been in your boots before:

The right conversation at the right time can make all the difference.

We tap our network to help get you to that inflection point early. We do this in various situations.

1. Key Customers, Industry Experts and Potential Investors

Get them on your side early

We don’t simply help get you in front of customers or investors or experts

We focus on creating an informal and intimate relationship that places both parties on the same side of the table, so they can work with you to find your business path

We open up our rolodex and consistently identify relevant people that can help you find opportunities across your work. These people should help accelerate your learning, open doors and provide credibility to your work.

Opportunities and product-market fit can be discovered by lead indicators from real market stakeholders, thus grounding business discovery in observable logic.

These can cover many types of opportunities, here are a couple of examples:


  • Functional experts: Founders or leads at growth-stage companies who can guide you on execution & operations, e.g. team management, product shipping schedules, distribution channel experiments, etc.
  • Industry experts: Senior leaders within your industry who can help you navigate the landscape, accelerate market learning, access large customers, and give credibility to customers.
  • Customers: For B2B companies in particular, having a potential customer as a key stakeholder helps get to revenue much fast.


Involving such stakeholders in the business discovery process enables first-principles experimentation and creates superior potential for positive collaboration. This helps you discover product-market fit via lead indicators from real market stakeholders, thus grounding your business discovery in observable logic.

Note: We don’t advocate for cash or sweat equity compensation; we encourage these people to invest (even if it’s a token amount) in your startups to align the right incentives.

2. Career Opportunities

Work with some of the most promising startups

 We work closely with some of the most exciting startups, before you read about them in the papers. 

We have a pulse on opportunities you’re not going to find anywhere else

(Based on your profile, we will share relevant opportunities in a non-intrusive way)

3. Talent Acquisition

Find special talent at an early stage

At an early-stage startup, roles are loosely defined and you need special breed of people who can take ownership and set a healthy culture early.

We specialise in placing individuals that relish this kind of challenge.

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4. General Guidance

A friendly ear

Choosing to work at a startup can be like trying to intelligently select a lottery ticket.

We guide practitioners on selecting companies to work at, finding the right company culture, navigating a clear career path, and other intricacies of making it in the technology world.

5. Generating Outcomes

Find the right home for your company

If you’re looking for an exit, we might know acquirers that could be interested.

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