We invest in early-stage companies focused primarily on technology product innovations.

Our Advantage

We offer strategic support by systematically leveraging a network of experienced players to founders who possess an ability to think critically about their product, adapt to a rapidly changing Indian technology landscape


Our service-led model relies heavily on close interactions with the founders we invest in. While co-locating is not a prerequisite for investment, we prefer investing in teams that have worked at an Investopad location, where we have had the opportunity to build relationships with founders. Teams often join Investopad at an idea stage. We work together to tackle the challenges that founders face: from design and product growth to recruitment  and retaining high-caliber talent.

Established Corporate networks

  • We bridge the gap between the new-age startup ecosystem and established corporate players in India.
  • These experts in to interact closely with our teams to accelerate learning, open doors, and helps startups go to market faster.
  • Ultimately, many of these industry experts join us as co-investors.

Close founder networks

  • Joining the Investopad community gives startups a chance to be surrounded by high-quality entrepreneurs: gaining advice, sharing innovative ideas and best practices.
  • We are proud to create a diverse community of engineers, marketers, designers, and data analysts.
  • We connect talent with key players through frequent events and activities.

Some emerging themes at the early stage:

  • Enabling middlemen, traders, and traditional businesses through technology. We believe the India opportunity is for companies that empower (rather than disrupt) existing ways of doing business..
  • Fin-Tech: On the back of rapidly evolving technology foundations like India Stack and UPI, startups can compete on product experience rather than legacy integrations to deliver fundamentally innovative products and services.
  • Cross-Border SaaS: As global developer markets grow, we believe API-based SaaS  solutions can access outsize global opportunities in a cross-border paradigm
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