Investopad Makes Business Happen

Investopad helps (current and future) startup leaders get where they’re going faster. We do this by helping with hiring, fundraising, finding you experts and plugging you into the right networks.

These initiatives include Capital, Business Creation, Crosstalk, Sandbox and Events.

India is undergoing a long-term shift from a traditional economy to a digital economy. The technology companies that will power this economy are being founded by big-vision entrepreneurs today.

Our partners depend on Investopad to source, filter and identify future startup leaders.

We believe we can give these emerging leaders their best chance of success by developing their skills and their access to business opportunities.

Investment firms & angels engage with us to find startups that fit their interest areas and help manage the screening process.

Tech companies engage with us to source startups they can partner with and develop technology alongside.

Investors, entrepreneurs and tech leaders

Steering Committee

Our Advisors are a mix of investors, founders of large startups and senior executives at global tech companies

They help guide Investopad’s work and build relationships with our partners so we can be increasingly valuable to early-stage startups

  • Partner | Antler

    Tyler Norwood
  • VP | Summit Partners

    Luke Parsons
  • Vice President | Times Internet

  • Principal | Integrated Capital

  • Founder & CEO | Little Black Book

    Suchita Salwan
  • Founder & CEO | Meesho

    Vidit Aatrey
Our Story

Where We Came From

Investopad was started in 2014 by Rohan and Arjun Malhotra. They felt that building an ecosystem of high-potential entrepreneurs, and giving them access to investors, customers, strategic advisors would help give startups a better chance of success.

Along the way, they invested in a few startups and then, in 2019, left Investopad (and stole our logo!) to focus on investing full time.

Investopad now works with several different players in the technology industry. It plays an important role in helping develop the next generation of leaders and startups.

Our Team

Getting It Done

We are a team of operators and ex-founders who know what it’s like to be on the other side of the table.

Every day, we interact with some of the smartest people in the country who are in the early stages of building on big-vision ideas.

We’re motivated by giving the best founders leverage to outperform.

  • Partner | Marketing and Technology

    Param Minhas
    Partner | Marketing and Technology
  • Partner | Sandbox and Capital

    Sera Arora
    Partner | Sandbox and Capital
  • Principal | Finance

    Aparna Saxena
    Principal | Finance
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